San Diego Choral Society for Women



San Diego Choral Society

calendar FALL 2017

    August 29
    September  5
    September 12
    September 19
    September 26
    October 3

    October 10
    October 17
    October 24
    October 31
    November 7
    November 14   
    November 21
    November 28

    We will not have scholarship auditions

    during this season.

    "Singouts" are concerts we perform for 

                      retirement homes.

1st rehearsal  all at 7-8:45 pm (6:30 for new
2nd rehearsal                           members)
3rd rehearsal      last date to join
4th rehearsal
5th rehearsal
6th rehearsal  
7th rehearsal
8th rehearsal   solo auditions in choral pieces
9th rehearsal    
10th rehearsal
11th rehearsal
12th rehearsal  
13th rehearsal  
14th rehearsal (dress rehearsal)



    April 29
    April 30
    May 6
    May 7
    May 13
    December 2


  Pacific Regent, 4 pm
  La Vida Real, 11 am  

  Town and Country, 3 pm

  The Patrician, 7 pm
  Paradise Village, 3 pm

  Brookdale, 10:15 am
Vi of La Jolla, 3 pm

Fall Concert
  December 16, 7 pm, at
Our Redeemer  Lutheran Church
1370 Euclid Ave.
San Diego CA 92105
  Reception to follow.