Choral Society for Women


Members have been performing choral music for the people of San Diego for many years.


First Rehearsals Great Success!
Next rehearsal Tues, Sept. 16,
7 pm!
Last chance to join for this season. Be there! Don't miss out!
San Diego Choral Society members have  been bringing music to the people of San Diego for many years. We perform throughout the year for residents of retirement and nursing facilities. Twice a year, in May and December, we present a concert and reception for the general public. We welcome any woman who enjoys singing. No formal audition is required. You will be asked only to sing a familiar song to determine your vocal range. Please join us at rehearsal on Tuesday, September second. New members for this season will be accepted through September sixteenth. Come and sing!


  We perform many types of music, from classical  
  choral music to spirituals and ballads; from
  Broadway show tunes to popular music throughout
  the ages.


  Tuesdays, 7-8:45 pm at Our Redeemer      
  Lutheran Church, 1370 Euclid Ave., San
  Diego CA 92105. We are not affiliated with
  the church, however.


  • Caroling, Caroling1:02
  • Sing a Song of Merry Christmas1:57
  • Carol of the Bells1:35