Choral Society for Women


       We perform many types of music from
classical choral music to spirituals and ballads; from Broadway show tunes to popular music throughout the ages.

Right: San Diego
Choral Society concert,
December 19, 2015

Listen to selections below!


Please join us on Tuesday, 
 February 2 or 9,  6:30-8:45 pm,  for our

first rehearsals
  of the spring season!

 February 9 is the last opportunity to join for the spring season.

​Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
1370 Euclid Ave
 San Diego CA 92105
We are not affiliated with   the church, however.​

  • All that Jazz2:46
  • Alleluia (Mozart)2:42
  • Ob La Di, Ob La Da3:06


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Members have been performing choral music for the people of San Diego for many years.